What can you do to make your house easier to sell?

The Guernsey property market has experienced a tough time recently. However 2017 has had a very positive first six months and although we are hopeful that this will continue, it is worth noting what you can do to make your house easier to sell.

With the exposure to information about comparable properties and sale prices of houses in your area buyers are well informed about the market values of the houses they are viewing. It is therefore essential to value the property correctly when it first hits the market. If a house sits on the market too long, people start to assume there is something wrong with it. Vendors then look at a price reduction to encourage viewings and on most occasions, accept a lower sale price than if they had priced it accurately to begin with and negotiated close to the marketed price when agreeing a sale.

Potential buyers often drive past your home and walk around the area before deciding to view it internally. Buyers will be discouraged if the property looks like it is in need of repair, has weeds growing out of the gutters or rubbish in the drive.  When inside your home it is helpful for the buyer to feel welcome and comfortable. The best way to do this is to keep the house clean and as free from clutter as possible. It promotes the size of the rooms and allows the buyer to walk through the property unencumbered. Also, avoid the house smelling of any unsavoury odours. The cliché of baking bread or fresh coffee genuinely works.

Taking care of a few odd jobs before viewings begin is a must as you want to create an environment where the person viewing feels they can move straight in. A buyer will be discouraged if they notice a number of small jobs while they are given a tour. Obvious examples are chipped or dirty paintwork, doors that don’t close properly, broken bulbs or a garden where the lawn needs to be mowed and the borders tidied up. These jobs are quick, easy and often cheap to fix but perceived as a nuisance to house hunters who may not have a realistic idea of the cost to put these things right.

Making your property available for viewings at any time is beneficial. It is not always convenient for house hunters to find time between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. A lot of viewings take place after work and weekends, especially in the summer months. If you put off letting a buyer see your house their enthusiasm could be dampened and if it is delayed until you find a more convenient window for you, they may have already found something else.

Finally, it is very important to employ a proactive agent that knows their buyers as well as they know their properties. While regular marketing within publications and online exposure is vital for promotion of your property the most successful agents in this current market are those that build strong relationships and maintain regular communications with both vendors and house hunters.


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