The Business

Although advertising still features heavily within the service provided for each and every client, Shields & Rutland recognise the importance of being proactive and strives to stay ahead of the competition. An advert may take twenty four hours to get to print where a phone call only takes five minutes to conduct. We know our clients as well as we know our properties and if there is a match to be made, why wait? With a database containing hundreds of purchasers and potential tenants we often have viewings, and on many occasions, sales and lets before the property details are even on our website. Communication is the key to our success. We build excellent relationships with all our clients and a good proportion of our business comes via recommendations.

When asked for advice we call upon our extensive knowledge and understanding of the property market to offer as honest and concise feedback as possible. Recognising how stressful the house buying, selling and letting process can be we are dedicated to providing an efficient personal service that caters specifically to the needs of our individual clients.

Contact us 7 days a week on 01481 714445 or email [email protected].